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(Dinners will be advanced on a per show basis)
1. Dinner will be made available for the entire touring crew and will consist of a hot meal including vegetable and pasta or potato, along with soup or salad and dinner rolls. Cold, fresh milk (2%) will also be available for dinner. Sturdy tableware, napkins, and necessary condiments will also be supplied.
PROMOTER agrees to supply the following immediately after ARTIST has taken the stage 1. (1) 12-pack domestic beer in bottles. ~iced~ delivered to dressing room 2. (1) 12-pack imported beer in bottles. ~iced~ (Heineken please) delivered to dressing room 3. (4) Large Gatorade (2 Orange-2 Fruit Punch) delivered to dressing room
4. (10) Bath Towels delivered to dressing room 5. (24) 10oz. Bottled Water (non-carbonated)“iced” delivered to stage 6. (10) HAND Towels (NOT wash-towels) For Stage Use delivered to stage
This Artist Rider Agreement Pack is an integral part of the entire PERFORMANCE AGREEMENT. No changes can be made without the prior written consent of the ARTIST. Change request must be submitted in a timely manner. Please initial the bottom right corner of each page to indicate that this rider has been read, understood, and accepted.