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(1) Professional quality five (5) piece drum set with all necessary hardware ( DW, Yamaha, Gretch)
(JIMMY MACK is an SWR endorse, this is required) (2) SWR 900 or 1500 Bass amplifier heads w/ two (2) 8X10 or (4) four 4X10 SWR bass cabinets.
(SWR 900 or 1500 maybe substituted w/SWR one (1) Headlite and (2) Amplites w/ two (2) 8X10 cabinets or one (1) Headlite and (3) Amplites w/ four (4) 4X10 cabinets).
(2) Professional quality guitar amplifiers ( Fender, Mesa Boogie, Marshall)
(1) Hammond B-3 organ w/ bench and two Leslie speakers (1) Motif 7 or 8 w/ tiered keyboard stand
All backline gear must be in proper working condition
( See attachment: Lighting plot 2010)
3 Ft Elevation (min) 48' x 24' Depth w/ 8'X8” Drum Riser
Other Stage options will be considered, but must be Approved by band management.
(3) 4-outlet 20 amp 120V power boxes shall be provided for band equipment on each side of the stage and (2) near the back on each side of the drum riser.
This Artist Rider Agreement Pack is an integral part of the entire PERFORMANCE AGREEMENT. No changes can be made without the prior written consent of the ARTIST. Change request must be submitted in a timely manner. Please initial the bottom right corner of each page to indicate that this rider has been read, understood, and accepted.