Article Index

1.PROMOTER agrees to provide one of the following: a.!Dinner buy-out for ARTIST and ARTIST's crew, ten (10) people!    total, at $25/person, ~ OR ~
b.Catered, hot meal at no cost to ARTIST, for ten (10) people, as described below
2. PROMOTER agrees to stock ARTIST's dressing room with the following throughout the entire event: a.Various flavored hot teas with lemon and honey b.Assorted soft drinks ~iced~ Mt. Dew, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi c.Assorted juices: Orange, Apple, Grape
d.Bottled water ~iced~10oz/1 liter size (non-carbonated) e.Assortment of flavored chips (Doritos, Lays, Fritos) f.One (1) large cooler of clean ice.
(Beverages to be available from time of arrival, until the tour departs)
3. PROMOTER agrees to supply ARTIST's dressing room with the following at scheduled time of arrival: a.Twenty-four (24) assorted (Sprite, Diet Sprite, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi) ~iced~ b.Two (2) Six Pack-Red Bull ~iced~ c.Two (2) Six Pack-Red Bull (sugar free) ~iced~
d.One (1) gallon orange juice. e.One (1) gallon fresh, cold milk (2%) f.Twenty-four (24) bottles non carbonated water. ~iced~ g.Twelve (12) assorted bagels w/ cream cheese h.Two (2) large bags snack chips. i.One (1) box crackers. j.One (1) large snack meat, cheese, and vegetable tray. k.Twenty-four (24) sets sturdy tableware
For A.M. Load-In (before 12:00pm) One (1) Assorted Fruit Platter One (1) Assorted Donut/Danish/Muffin tray Two (2) Pots hot, fresh, coffee with sugar and cream or milk
For P.M. Load-In (after 12:00 pm) Two (2) large pizzas - (1) pepperoni, (1) cheese One (1) large Sandwich Deli Platter w/ necessary condiments Two (2) loaf whole wheat bread
*Recycling: Please not that Wicked Creek Artists are environmentally conscious. Please provide recycling bins in the dressing room/catering areas for aluminum cans, glass, and paper. PLEASE NO STYROFOAM CUPS OR PLATES.
This Artist Rider Agreement Pack is an integral part of the entire PERFORMANCE AGREEMENT. No changes can be made without the prior written consent of the ARTIST. Change request must be submitted in a timely manner. Please initial the bottom right corner of each page to indicate that this rider has been read, understood, and accepted.